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Our first blog!!! Get to know The Rainbow legacy!

Hey everyone! this is our first ever blog! already know that if you've read the title but I had to start the sentence off somehow? The Rainbow legacy - How it started and by who? I guess that's probably a good start..right? So my name is Rebecca and I'm the CEO and founder of this charity and what a journey it's been! I've laughed, cried and everything in-between! I have had such love, encouragement and support from those around me and strangers too who have seen what we are doing, or who know me and knew I'd be taking on this next chapter in my life and encourages me when I need it, cheers me on from the sidelines, or gives their time by calls, messages, coming on team, fundraises, helps with donations or is just there to be my soundboard! I am truly grateful for the support and love I've received, I had no idea just how quickly this would take off, that we'd become a charity and it would become more than I could have ever imagined! a good way!! So just briefly I had this vision of doing what we're doing when I was 19 years old, I'd been fundraising for charities for a few years at that point but at 19 I knew this is what I'd go on to do, (im 30 now!). I just didn't know when, and of course I wanted it there and then, I knew the name, a brief idea of what I'd be doing and that it would be somewhere in Africa. I then spent the next 7 years volunteering in different parts of the world and continued to fundraise for charities, it was and still is my passion and what I've been called to do! In 2016 I visited The Gambia and started volunteering, after multiple trips I knew that I would be based there for my 'project' and in November 202 when1 I was in The Gambia I knew it was time for me to move on and start my own project, I called some friends back in the UK and told them 'it's time' but I was so nervous but equally as excited, so on that trip I got to know the village on a deeper level, I heard them in ways I never had done before. I built stronger relationships, and I've seen the children grow up which has been beautiful and I'm thankful I've been on the journey with them and continue to do so, we don't have a building yet so I go to them with the programmes I have and they come to me..but we have definitely outgrown the room due to the numbers that come to us. I go out for up to one month at a time, every 2 months (so 6 trips a year) Some trips are longer than a month and some will be shorter, but I stay in touch daily when I'm in the UK. If you are still reading this then you definitely deserve a medal as I feel like I'm now writing a thesis! There is also a story behind the name and slogan, but I think thats for another time.. I also can't wait to introduce some of my beautiful team but they definitely need more space each than what I can fit into today.


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